Before Buying a Bike Rack

What you should look for when purchasing a Bike Rack…
• Is the Bike Rack durable, strong and vandal resistant? All DOSmith Bike Racks are manufactured for use in areas such as Public Streets, Parks and Building areas. DOSmith Bike racks are made from stainless steel or powder coated and/or galvanised metal. 
• DOSmith's range of stainless steel and galvanised Bike Racks are suitable for use in almost any location. 
• All Bike Racks should make available the easy use of U-style Bike locks. U-shape locks are increasingly popular as their design allows the user to lock the wheel and frame together to the Bike Rack. They also provide a high level of security for expensive Bikes. 
• Bike Racks should be able to be securely mounted so that they hold the Bike….not the other way around! All DOSmith Bike Racks are easily bolted to the ground or wall using chemset mounting bolts or Dyna Bolts. Alternatively our stands can be concreted in ground to provide secure mounting. 
• Bike Rack Location…. Check the location is suitably secure and provides adequate room to manoeuvre Bikes in and out of the Bicycle Stand.


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