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Bike Rack Location…
Location of the Bike Rack is a prime consideration of any Bike Rack purchaser. DOSmith Bike Racks are suitable for Public Street, Park and Building areas. DOSmith recommends the following locating criteria be considered before choosing a final location for your Bike Rack:
• Bike Rack areas should be well frequented and easily viewed from several directions. If they see it they will come. 
• Consolidate Bike Racks into one or two easily located areas. Bike Racks should not be scattered or placed in remote areas that may encourage theft or vandalism. 
• Bike Racks should be located as close to entrances as possible, this encourages their use and assists the rider who usually will have a bag to carry. 
• Bike Racks should be placed in areas that are well lit if they are to used after dark. 
• Conflicts with pedestrians should be avoided, do not site Bike Racks on pedestrian walkways. 
• Bike Racks should be placed in separate areas to motor vehicles. Motor vehicles should be separated by fencing or a barrier of Bollards. 
• Bikes can be expensive and if possible Bike Racks should be placed in locations that are protected from the elements. Bike Racks are often placed in garages or under awnings to provide a secure area protected from the environment. 
• Concrete or bitumen pads are best surface types for the location of Bike Racks. Areas of undeveloped soil, stone or dirt are not attractive to the rider and may damage the Bike.

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