What to look for when buying a Bollard

What to look for when buying a Bollard 
Bollards are short, vertical, steadfast posts often made of wood, stone, plastic and a variety of metals including: aluminium, steel or iron. Bollards were originally used in quays for mooring but have been developed for more practical uses on the streets of many cities for enclosing car free zones, controlling traffic, preventing damage to buildings and even for decorative uses within parks and other public spaces. Bollards can even be installed to supply proficient lighting in public areas and, due to their strength, eliminate the need to replace broken lights.
What to consider when purchasing bollards:
• Bollard Size and style 
• Bollard Material and finish 
• Purpose of the Bollard 
• Location of Bollard 
• Maintenance of Bollard. Especially Light Bollards 
• Bollard mounting
When considering the purchase of Bollards there are a few things in which to consider in order to find the perfect Bollard for your intended purpose. For instance, the intended use for the Bollards would be the first to consider. If the Bollards were for security or protection a strengthened impact absorbing Bollard such as the 219 Stainless Steel Bollard would be the ideal choice as they provide the necessary strength and resilience. For decorative use on the streetscape or in a public venue, cast aluminium with powder coat finishes would be better suited.
Also to be taken into account is the area of installation. If installing a Street Bollard, then a more stylish Bollard like the B080 Bollard that is less intrusive appearing would be the best choice. A powder coat finish can add colour and life to a otherwise dull and lifeless Bollard. When placed in a public venue or park where vandalism is a threat, then a sturdy cast aluminium or stainless steel Bollard would do perfectly.
To provide Bollards for every possible situation DOSmith also offer an extensive range of various Lighting Bollards. Sturdy Lighting Bollards are capable of protecting shop fronts, buildings and car bays while providing enough light for pedestrians along paths to eliminate the need for light posts.  These stylish Lighting Bollards are also available with powder coated finishes.

Types of Bollards:

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